May 15, 2024

Accidents Near EDC in Las Vegas

While attending events, such as Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway is generally safe, injuries and accidents may occur.

Accidents Near EDC in Las Vegas

Accidents Near EDC in Las Vegas

Motor vehicle collisions near the Las Vegas Motor Speedway where the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) is held has been a concerning issue in recent years, prompting a closer examination of statistical data. From 2016 to 2020, there were approximately 489 accidents only involving property damage, 250 injury crashes, and 13 fatal collisions within a 5-mile radius of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, according to data provided by the Nevada DOT Traffic Crash Data Map. Statistical data highlights a higher incidence of accidents occurring during EDC event dates:

  • During EDC 2016, there were approximately 17 reported accidents, 10 of which were property damage only and the remaining 7 were injury crashes.
  • During EDC 2017, there were about 26 reported collisions, 17 involving property damage, and the remaining 9 were accidents causing bodily injury.
  • During EDC 2018, there were roughly 22 reported wrecks, 15 resulting in property damage only, and the remaining 7 were injury collisions.
  • During EDC 2019, there were 26 reported crashes that year, 19 causing property damage only, and the remaining 7 crashes resulting in bodily injury.

As EDC was scheduled from May 15 to May 17 in 2020, the event was cancelled due to the circumstances that occurred that year. There was only one accident involving property damage reported from May 15 to May 17, 2020, compared to 17 in 2016, 26 in 2017, 22 in 2018, and 26 in 2019. This may suggest that there is a higher occurrence of traffic collisions occurring near the Las Vegas Motor Speedway venue during EDC event dates.

Where Did Most Crashes Near EDC LV Occur?

NDOT map data showed that most motor vehicle accidents within a 5-mile radius of the EDC LV venue during 2016 to 2020 dates occurred at:

  • I-15 at Mile Marker 54
  • Beesley Drive and NV-604
  • Interstate 15 and Speedway Boulevard
  • East Tropical Parkway and Shatz Street
  • NV-604 and North Hollywood Boulevard
  • East Centennial Parkway and Shatz Street
  • North Hollywood Boulevard and East El Campo Grande Avenue

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