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Experiencing the sudden loss of a family member is devastating, especially if you never had the opportunity to say goodbye. The emotional anguish may be overwhelming, compounded by the financial hardship that often accompanies such a loss. If another party’s negligence or carelessness caused the accident resulting in a loved one’s demise, surviving family members may have grounds for a wrongful death claim.

If you and your family are considering taking legal action against the party responsible for your loss, a wrongful death attorney at Southwest Injury Law can guide you through the process. We understand that no amount of money will undo the pain of such a tragic loss. However, holding the at-fault party accountable may offer some sense of closure and justice. Learn more about our legal team and how we can assist your family by scheduling a free consultation at our Las Vegas office.

Who is Liable for a Loss of Life in Nevada?

To successfully prove a wrongful death claim in the state of Nevada, the following elements must be met in the case through clear and compelling documentation and evidence:

  • The opposing party owed a duty of care to the deceased person
  • The loss of life occurred through the defendant’s breach of duty of care
  • The breach was the direct cause of the decedent’s injuries that led to their demise
  • Surviving family members have suffered damages resulting from the unexpected loss of life

At Southwest Injury Law, our experienced Las Vegas wrongful death attorneys are ready to take on cases resulting from a wide array of negligent acts and accidents.

Leading Causes of Wrongful Death

In Nevada, wrongful death can occur from various situations. This may include work-related accidents, medical malpractice, motor vehicle collisions, and other types of negligence. It is important for survivors considering taking legal action for a loved one’s wrongful death in Las Vegas to seek advice from an experienced attorney who can provide guidance specific to the facts of their potential case and ensure that their rights are protected throughout the legal process.

What Types of Losses Can Survivors Seek in a Wrongful Death Claim?

Wrongful death claims are intended to compensate surviving family members for their losses by awarding them with economic and non-economic damages. This may include but not limited to:

  • Costs of the decedent’s final resting arrangements
  • Loss of the deceased’s care, companionship, support, and guidance
  • Loss of the financial support and benefits that the family received from the decedent, including earnings, health insurance, pension, and more

A knowledgeable lawyer in Clark County can assist your family in navigating the legal proceedings and building the strongest case possible to seek justice and maximum financial recovery.

Are Punitive Damages Available in Fatal Accident Cases?

In some cases of wrongful death, surviving family members may be awarded punitive damages under specific circumstances. The purpose of punitive or exemplary damages is to punish the defendant whose behavior is deemed egregious or extremely reckless by nature which led to the loss of life. Examples of fatal accident cases wherein punitive damages may be warranted include those involving excessive speeding or driving while impaired on the defendant’s part.

Who Can File for Wrongful Death in the State of Nevada?

Under Nevada law, the living spouse, domestic partner, or children of the deceased individual can bring a wrongful death case. These parties have priority for filing. If the decedent is not survived by such relatives, then the deceased’s parents and other close surviving family members may be eligible to file a claim. Determine your eligibility for a wrongful death case in Nevada by contacting our law office for a free consultation with one of our knowledgeable attorneys serving Las Vegas.

Filing Deadline for Fatal Accident Cases in Nevada

The decedent’s family generally has a maximum of two years from the date of their loved one’s passing to file a case in civil court in Nevada. If the plaintiff fails to file and protect the statute, the court is unlikely to hear the case. Survivors have just six months or 180 days from the date of loss to file a notice of claim if the wrongful death case names a government entity a defendant. For more information, contact an experienced accident lawyer serving Las Vegas and surrounding areas.

Our Family at Southwest Injury Law is Here for You

At Southwest Injury Law, we fight to protect the rights of families we represent in fatal accident cases across Clark County. With our dedicated Las Vegas wrongful death attorneys on your side, your family will always know that we have your best interests at heart and care about helping you rebuild your future. When you work with us, you can expect:

  • Free case evaluations
  • Compassionate guidance and support
  • Thorough investigations into the fatal incident to properly establish fault
  • Handling of written and verbal communications with insurers on your behalf
  • Services on a contingent fee basis meaning that you owe nothing unless we successfully resolve your case
  • Skilled negotiators who are experienced in dealing with difficult insurance carriers, particularly when liability is disputed
  • Proper filing of the case in civil court within the applicable statute of limitations if attempts at a settlement agreement have been exhausted

Here at our law firm, our goal is to guide surviving family members through this painful process to obtain justice and full financial recovery on their behalf. We understand that no amount of money can ever make things right again. However, our legal team believes in holding negligent parties accountable to provide our clients with a sense of closure.

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Surviving family members do not deserve to endure the consequences of losing a close relative when the death was preventable. While nothing can replace the companionship and love lost, holding the at-fault party accountable in a civil case can provide some relief as survivors rebuild their lives and navigate the future. Learn how our wrongful death lawyers at Southwest Injury Law can help your family. Dial (702) 600-3200 to set up a free consultation at our Las Vegas office.

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