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At Southwest Injury Law, we are committed to holding negligent parties accountable for cycling crashes in Maricopa County and across Arizona. We work for injured bicyclists and surviving family members to protect their rights and fight for full compensation in insurance negotiations and in the courtroom. If you or a loved one was injured in a recent bike collision because of a negligent or careless driver, schedule a free consultation today at our Phoenix office.

Types of Injuries in Cycling Crashes

The use of bicycle safety gear, such as helmets, reflective clothing, flashers, and lights, may decrease the risk of a cycling crash. However, in the event of an accident with a motor vehicle, a bicyclist is likely to suffer serious injuries. Common bicycle injuries include:

  • Road rash
  • Head trauma
  • Broken bones
  • Internal trauma
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Scarring and disfigurement

Bicycle injuries may require extensive treatment, including diagnostic imaging like X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, surgical management, and more. If you have been injured in a crash as a bicyclist, contact our skilled Phoenix bike accident lawyers from Southwest Injury Law for a free case review.

Recoverable Losses in an Injury Claim for a Bike Collision

An injured cyclist can file a bodily injury claim against the at-fault party who caused the bicycle accident. Through this type of case, the injured bicyclist has the opportunity to seek reimbursement of the following economic and non-economic damages:

  • Medical costs where the treatments and associated expenses are proven to be reasonable and necessary
  • Lost wages and loss of future earnings if a cycling crash has caused the injured bicyclist to be temporarily or permanently out of work
  • Pain and suffering for the mental anguish and discomfort from the physical pain caused by bicycle accident injuries
  • Scarring and disfigurement if injuries from a crash are visible and unsightly further causing emotional trauma for the plaintiff
  • Out-of-pocket costs like modifications to the home and vehicle to provide necessary accommodations for permanent injury or disability

Handling negotiations with an insurance company while unrepresented may not always be a good idea, particularly in cases where traumatic injuries are involved. That is why it is recommended for injured bicyclists to retain legal counsel to protect their rights and best interests after an accident.

What if the Driver Left the Scene of the Bicycle Accident?

If the motorist involved in the cycling crash fled the crash site without properly identifying themselves through exchanged contact and insurance information, there may be recourse available based on the circumstances of the case. An injured bicyclist or a surviving family member of a deceased bike rider may file an uninsured motorist claim through their auto insurance policy.

UM coverage may be applicable even if attempts at locating the suspect motorist have been exhausted. Remember that there must be clear evidence demonstrating that the bicyclist’s injuries are consistent with being struck by a motor vehicle. The insurance carrier is likely to dispute liability if there is a lack of evidence proving that the cyclist was struck by a hit-and-run driver.

What is the Statute of Limitations for a Bike Accident in Arizona?

The right to file a personal injury case for an incident is governed by Arizona’s statute of limitations. This means that there are established time limits for an individual’s right to take legal action. Failing to protect the statute may lead to the court dismissing the case.

  • Personal Injury: An individual who has sustained injuries in an accident has a maximum of two years from the date of loss to file in court. This deadline also applies to cases of wrongful death.
  • Injured Minor Child: A minor child who was injured in a cycling crash while under the age of 18 has two years from the date of their 18th birthday to file a case in civil court against the other side.
  • Claim Against the Government: A claimant has no more than six months or 180 days from the date of loss to file a notice of claim against a public agency.

In Arizona, most plaintiffs have a two-year window from the date of a cycling crash to file a case in civil court. It is essential to contact an experienced lawyer immediately after an accident while key evidence supporting the case is still available.

How Southwest Injury Law Can Help You After a Cycling Crash

Insurance companies often devalue or deny claims to mitigate financial liability in bicycle accident cases. When you work with our legal team at Southwest Injury Law, we will:

  • Use our resources to build the strongest case possible against the at-fault party
  • Conduct an in-depth investigation into the cycling crash to identify negligent parties and causes
  • Properly establish negligence, including collecting evidence from the incident and consulting with expert witnesses
  • Look into other factors that may have contributed to a bike collision, including a bicycle manufacturer for faulty bike equipment or a government entity for a road hazard
  • Negotiate a settlement agreement with the insurer and opposing counsel that accounts for the full extent of the losses that resulted from the crash or file a lawsuit in civil court if necessary

At Southwest Injury Law, we offer our services on a contingency fee basis to make legal representation accessible to all injured cyclists in Maricopa County and throughout Arizona. Contact us today to learn more.

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Southwest Injury Law owner and attorney, Luis Ayon, is an avid cyclist. We are dedicated to giving back to the community we serve, and our sponsorship of the Bicycle Haus Racing Team reflects our commitment to supporting local organizations and promoting bike safety. If a cycling crash in Arizona left you injured, our legal team is here to help. Schedule a free case review today.

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