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We often consider our bones to be the sturdy framework of our bodies. However, they may fracture or break easily in events such as motor vehicle collisions, slip and falls, and other types of accidents. A broken bone is a serious injury that requires extensive treatment and rehabilitation. Accident-related fractures may not heal fully, and patients may experience complications that require ongoing treatment. In some cases, broken bones may result in chronic pain and disability.

Case Literature on Broken Bones from Auto Accidents

Broken bones are common in motor vehicle collisions and other accident types due to several factors inherent to these events. The sudden and often violent impact of an accident can cause the body to undergo immense forces, causing the bones to bear the brunt of the crash and lead to a fracture. For instance, during a traffic collision, occupants can be forcefully thrown against hard objects or surfaces within the vehicle, such as the doors, steering wheel, or dashboard.

Case literature suggests that the bone most fractured in accidents among males was the femur compared to the humerus in their female counterparts. The femur was more associated with the geriatric population in comparison to the radius shaft in the younger age group. In a study conducted by Agarwal-Harding, et. al, it was reported that roughly one in ten cases of roadway injuries involving femoral shaft fractures were effectively managed with surgical intervention.

Types of Compensation in a Personal Injury Case for a Fracture

Each accident case is unique due to the individual circumstances and facts involved. In most cases, the following economic and non-economic damages are recoverable:

  • All current and future costs of medical treatment associated with crash-related injuries, such as a bone fracture
  • All current and future loss of income due to the temporary or permanent inability to work because of accident injuries
  • Pain and suffering which reflects the emotional suffering and physical pain the plaintiff has endured because of their injuries

Importance of Immediate Treatment for a Broken Bone After an Accident

If you experience pain following an accident, it is important to seek treatment right away at the hospital. Not only will this ensure you receive necessary treatment, but it will also document an accident-related injury by a medical professional. When there is a delay in treatment from the date of the incident and the initial encounter visit with the provider, the insurer may argue that the injuries are unrelated to the accident and occurred from another cause.

In the case of patient non-compliance with treatment, various issues may arise. Inconsistent medical care may compromise an injured party’s health and the validity of their case. The insurer may dispute the claim on the grounds of gaps in treatment or not following orders from the medical provider, thus, the injuries are not as severe as reported. All in all, when dealing with a bone fracture, consistent treatment is key for improved patient outcomes and a favorable accident case result.

What is the Value of a Bone Fracture Case?

There is no straightforward way to determine how much a personal injury case is worth immediately following a serious motor vehicle collision or another type of accident. As such, an injured party should hire an experienced Phoenix bone fracture attorney who can promptly assess their situation and consult with medical experts to determine how the injury will affect their situation in the present and future. At our law office, we offer free, no-obligation case evaluations.

Is There Enough Insurance for a Broken Bone from an Accident?

In bone fracture cases, coverage issues often become a great concern. This is especially true if the at-fault party has state minimum limits or no auto insurance. That is why our legal team encourages everyone to carry as much uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage (UM/UIM) they can afford. This coverage is designed to protect individuals involved in a crash with a driver who either has no insurance or lacks sufficient liability coverage to fully compensate for the damages incurred.

At our Phoenix-based law firm, we typically recommend carrying UM and UIM limits of at least $100,000 and $300,000. Without uninsured and underinsured motorist protection, parties injured in accidents through no fault of their own may be left with limited options for recovering their medical bills, wage loss, and other costs. Therefore, understanding and purchasing adequate UM/UIM coverage is important to ensure protection and financial security in the event of a crash.

What if I Was Partially at Fault for the Crash?

Under Arizona’s pure comparative negligence law, an injured party may seek compensation even if they are deemed partially at fault for the incident. The amount of compensation awarded to the plaintiff may be reduced based on the percentage of negligence that is assigned to them. Given that the insurer may often use defense tactics, such as comparative fault, to minimize financial liability for the incident, is often recommended that an injured party retain legal counsel to protect their rights.

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  • Contingency Fee Agreement: Our law firm takes personal injury cases on contingency, meaning that our clients will not be charged unless we successfully recover compensation on their behalf.

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