Premises Liability Lawyer in Phoenix

Premises liability law can be complex and cover many different situations. It can include slips and falls and animal bite injuries. It isn’t always easy to determine who is liable in a premises liability case. Southwest Injury Law wants to help you to better understand premises liability and whether you need to contact one today. We will look over what it is, how it works, and who is liable for your injury claim.

What is it?

Premises liability is the law that determines liability for injuries or accidents that occur on another’s property. The property owner, like a business owner, must provide, and is obligated to provide, under the law, safe premises and warn of any possible dangers that are present. When a premises owner fails to do this, they are considered negligent in their duty to protect others from potential harm and will be found legally liable for these injuries.

How it works

There are two main categories when it comes to determining liability in a premises liability case. The first category is individuals who have direct control over the premises (maintenance workers) and the second category is premises owners acting through employees.

Under the law, property owners must keep their property in a safe condition that keeps people safe from hazards. If an individual suffers injury due to the negligence of a property owner by failing to warn the individual of the hazard or maintaining the premises, the responsible parties (property owner) can be held liable for any damages.

What can you do?

It can be challenging to identify responsible parties and prove liability, however, your premises liability attorney, Luis Ayon, can help you determine who and what contributed to your accident to ensure that you receive the financial compensation you are owed.

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